Our Core Values
We Help over 400 industries get the funding they need when they need it!

We strongly believe that everything comes down to values. Just like individuals, companies have values. In short, our core values dictate how we do business and work with our clients day after day.  Below are the values that are most important to us and how we focus our daily actions with the priority on 100% customer satisfaction.

I Lend You was created as response to the difficulty most businesses face when they apply for a loan or other forms of credit and business capital. The Founders realized that there was a major gap for business owners looking to get capital and sought out to solve this big issue.

As you may know, most businesses have to jump through a ton of uncomfortable fiery hoops to get the funding that they need from most lenders. It can be quite a lengthy process involving all sorts of documentation, stringent requirements, and focused heavily on your credit… not necessarily on your ability to repay the loan. That is why here at I Lend You, we do things a lot differently. You can get approved in as little as 24 hours and have money in your bank account the same day you get approved. The funding process requires just a few simple documents with zero hoops to jump through. We’re able to do all of this because we have found the best partners to work with to help you get funded faster. Many of our clients may not be able to get approved anywhere else due to their credit score or other factors, but things are different with us. If you have been denied before, or you’re looking for an easier way to get funded, we can likely help.

Integrity In Everything We Do

Let’s just be frank here. The finance industry as a whole has seen its fair share of questionable deal making and overall lack of integrity over the past few years, we are different. Our #1 focus is making sure there is integrity in EVERYTHING we do…

From initial interaction to application to funding, we are committed to being straightforward and focused on doing business the right way.

Customers Come First

Without our clients, we would have no business. We realize that and appreciate every one of our clients. That is why we put YOUR satisfaction as a customer before anything else. All the time… every single day!

A Passion For Helping

We started Business to help businesses get the funding that they need. We know it can be tough out there, so we want to  partner in helping you achieve your unique business goals. We keep in mind that we are all just humans beings that at some point need a helping hand. I Lend You is here to extend its hand to its  customers when they most need it . If it is possible to get done… we will do it!

Why Us?

We are committed to helping as many businesses as possible get the funding that they need.

We started Business after noticing a disturbing trend in traditional business lending. We realized that most businesses could grow and become far more successful with capital, but it’s difficult for most businesses to get the capital that they need.

Most banks and lenders have a very complex and time-consuming process to apply for funding, and decisions can often take days or even weeks in some cases.

Our mission was to change that and streamline the process for businesses like yours to get funding… And that is exactly what we did.

Fast Application Process

Our application process is simple & fast! All we need is a few documents like your business bank statements and completion of our short 5 minute application, and we will have a funding decision within 24 hours in most cases.

If approved, we will deliver the funds to your business bank account the same day!

Our applications process is fast, simple, and our ultimate goal is to streamline the process so that you can have the money you need as quickly as possible.


Getting your business the money it needs is our #1 goal. We can help you get funding from $5,000 to as much as $1,000,000 in as little as 1-2 days.

Unlike conventional financing that doesn’t work for all business types, at I Lend You, we look at each business on an individual basis to see if you qualify for funding. We offer both small business loans with a fixed repayment term as well as merchant cash advances to meet all businesses needs.

Because of our unique loan underwriting process, we do not require you to have perfect credit to work with us. In fact, we offer funding to many businesses that would struggle to qualify for traditional funding from a traditional bank.


Our applications process is fast, simple, and our ultimate goal is to streamline the process so you can have the money you need as quickly as possible.